Past Speakers

Date Speaker Title Speaker’s Affiliation
2015/11/2 Ryota Kanai Araya
2015/11/19 Olaf Witkowski / Nicholas Guttenberg ELSI
2015/11/26 Yuko Yotsumoto The University of Tokyo
2015/12/3 Katsunori Miyahara Rikkyo University
2015/12/10 Yen Yu Araya
2016/1/14 Megumi Fukuda Araya / UCL
2016/1/21 Piet Hut ELSI
2016/1/28 Lisandro Kaunitz The speed of metacognition The University of Tokyo
2016/2/4 Satohiro Tajima Geneva University
2016/2/18 Antoine Pasquali XCompass Intelligence Ltd.
2016/2/25 Kohsuke Takahashi Homo Qualitas: Coloring a Colorless World The University of Tokyo
2016/3/3 Hirokazu Takahashi Neural mechanism of emerging intelligence, creativity, and probably consciousness The University of Tokyo
2016/3/10 Norman Packard Protolife
2016/3/17 Yutaka Komura AIST
2016/3/31 Takuya Isomura The University of Tokyo
2016/4/7 Katsunori Miyahara Towards a process-based approach to consciousness Rikkyo University
2016/4/14 Takashi Ikegami Mind Time Machine as a Living Technology The University of Tokyo
2016/4/21 Adam Ponzi Neural Temporal Sequence Processing by Chaotic Dynamics in the Striatum and Beyond OIST
2016/5/12 Shohei Hidaka Toward the theory of understanding: decoding bodily actions without a shared codebook JAIST
2016/5/19 Ryota Kanai, Katsunori Miyahara, Nicholas Guttenberg Computational phenomenology for information-based theories of consciousness Araya
2016/5/26 Masatoshi Yoshida Awareness and saliency in blindsight National Institute for Physiological Sciences
2016/6/2 Kazuo Okanoya Meta-cognition, time production and emotional contagion : Can we study consciousness in rats? The University of Tokyo
2016/6/9 Yuichiro Yada A spontaneously active recurrent neural network on a dish The University of Tokyo
2016/6/16 Hideaki Shimazaki Toward thermodynamic principles of consciousness RIKEN
2016/6/30 Olaf Witkowski Discussion about AlphaGo ELSI
2016/7/7 Junpei Zhong The Predictive Brain and its Embodiment Waseda University
2016/7/14 Paco Arjonilla A Three-Component Cognitive Theory Waseda University
2016/7/28 Koichi Nakamura Idein, Inc.
2016/8/4 Antoine Pasquali The real simple recipe for Consciousness: Neural binding and Meta-representation XCompass Intelligence Ltd.
2016/8/18 Martin Biehl University of Hertfordshire / ELSI
2016/9/1 Ryota Kanai Towards machine consciousness ARAYA
2016/9/8 Yasuo Kuniyoshi On Emergence of Cognition and Consciousness Based on Embodiment The University of Tokyo
2016/9/15 Nicholas Guttenberg Neural Coarse-Grainings ARAYA
2016/9/29 Masataka Watanabe Visual Backward Masking and Optogenetic V1 Suppression in Mice / Turing Test for Machine Consciousness and its Validation using Split-Brain Mice University of Tokyo, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
2016/10/06 All day Worshop Free Energy Day Progress Technologies
2016/10/13 Domenica Buetti The neural representation of time in the human brain Abstract Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy
2016/10/20 Amit Yaron Effect of fear conditioning on stimulus specific adaptation to complex sounds in freely moving rats Hebrew university, Jerusalem, Israel
2016/10/27 Tosif Ahamed Behavioral Embedding Suggests Multiple Chaotic Dimensions Underlie C. elegans Locomotion Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
2016/11/10 Takashi Ikegami Artificial Life and Generative Noise Department of General Systems Sciences, The University of Tokyo
2016/11/17 Rafik Hadfi From a Constructivist Epistemology to A Physical Theory of Consciousness Nagoya Institute of Technology
2016/11/24 Max Gaillard The lack of subjective data in the overflow debate Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
2016/12/08 Jacobo Sitt Signatures of awareness in the dynamics of resting-state brain activity ICM institute, INSERM. Paris France
2016/12/15 John O’Dea A Plea for Behaviourism about Consciousness The University of Tokyo
2017/01/12 Jun Tani Exploring Robotic Minds: Emergentist Approach Towards Understanding of Non-Reductive Consciousness KAIST
2017/01/19 Masafumi Oizumi Boundary problem of consciousness from the viewpoint of integrated information theory RIKEN
2017/01/26 Joaquin Navajas Bayesian and heuristic contributions to human confidence: stability over time, across domains, and their neural encoding University College London
2017/02/02 Yair Pinto Split-brain, unified consciousness University of Amsterdam
2017/02/16 Youichiro Miyake Awareness and Consciousness of Game Character in Digital Game World Square Enix
2017/02/23 Hernan Rey Studying perception and memory through microwire recordings in the human medial temporal lobe The University of Leicester
2017/03/02 Dror Cohen Looking for neural correlates of consciousness in fruit flies Monash University
2017/03/09 Jan Feyereisl GoodAI – Road to General AI: Challenges, Maps and Unconventional Inspirations GoodAI
2017/03/23 Kristopher McEwon Chemogenetic inhibition of the medial prefrontal cortex reverses the effects of REM sleep loss on sucrose consumption The University of Tokyo
2017/03/30 Acer Chang Examining temporal prediction from duration processing Araya, Inc.
2017/04/20 Tim Bayne Constructing A Consciousness Meter Monash University
2017/04/27 Piet Hut YHouse: a research and outreach center in Manhattan for the study of consciousness YHouse
2017/05/11 Chika Higuchi tau and burst_New EEG parameters related consciousness Rakuno Gakuen University School of Veterinary Medicine
2017/05/18 Nicholas Guttenberg & Olaf Witkowski Learning to communicate to learn Araya & ELSI
2017/06/01 Sina Khajehabdollahi Consciousness or integrated information as a driving force in the evolution of the brain University of Western Ontario
2017/06/08 Julian Matthews Mind from behaviour: Exploring consciousness, metacognition, and related processes through visual psychophysics Monash University
2017/06/22 Keisuke Suzuki Studying Atypical Visual Consciousness with Virtual Reality The University of Sussex
2017/07/13 Daniel Polani Information in the perception-action loop University of Hertfordshire
2017/07/20 Naoya Arakawa On and around the whole brain architecture approach The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
2017/10/19 Martin Biehl Notions of intrinsic motivation Araya
2017/11/02 Steven Phillips An introduction to category theory with applications to cognition: what, why, and how AIST
2018/01/11 Rafik Hafdi Boundary Exploration in Enactive Artificial Agents Monash University
2018/03/01 Egor Ananyev The compelling nature of slow visual stimuli in binocular rivalry, and what it tells us about consciousness Duke-NUS in Brain and Consciousness Laboratory
2018/04/27 Erik Hoel Emergence and causal structure in science Columbia University
2019/10/25 Rei Akaishi “Meta” processes in the Human Brain: A View from Multiscale Computations Riken CBS
2019/11/22 David Ha Innate Structures and Meta-Learned World Models for Artificial Neural Networks Google Brain
2019/11/29 Shinji Nishimoto Toward understanding brain representations of daily-life experiences CiNet
2019/12/06 Kenji Doya Consciousness as Data Assimilation OIST
2019/12/13 Yasushi Hirai Variable granularity of memory and intellectual flexibility: Bergson’s inversed cone model of the mind Fukuoka University
2020/01/17 Yukie Nagai Typical and Atypical Consciousness Based on Predictive Coding University of Tokyo
2020/01/24 Masataka Watanabe Methods and Assumptions for Uploading Consciousness in 20 Years University of Tokyo and MinD in a Device
2020/02/07 Jun Tani A Proposal of a Novel Variational Bayes Recurrent Neural Network Model Under Predictive Coding and Active Inference Frameworks OIST
2020/07/17 Acer Chang Information Closure Theory of Consciousness Araya Inc.
2020/08/07 Natesh Ganesh  A Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamic Framework for Consciousness University of Colorado Boulder
2020/08/28 Yuko Ishihara Beyond being-in-the-world: Projective and open awareness Ritsumeikan University
2020/09/25 Kazuhisa Shibata How do we know what to learn? – Resolving the plasticity-stability dilemma in visual perceptual learning RIKEN CBS
2020/10/07 Kristian Sandberg Our work on the role of the posterior cortex in human conscious perception Aarhus University
2020/11/06 Mingbo Cai Time perception: how our judgment of time is influenced by the regularity and change in stimulus distribution? IRCN
2020/11/27 Makiko Yamada Human cognitive biases and the role of dopamine QST
2020/12/11 Johannes Kleiner Consciousness, falsification and epistemic constraints Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy
2021/01/15 Jamie Ward Synaesthesia as a Model System for Understanding Variation in the Human Mind and Brain Sussex University
2021/01/29 Wanja Wiese Integration and unification in the science of consciousness Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz