Welcome to Consciousness Club Tokyo

What are the neural and computational bases of consciousness?
What is the mathematical structure of our conscious perception?
Can machines ever become conscious?

These are some of the big questions discussed at Consciousness Club on Friday at 7~9 pm, typically at the new office of Araya, Inc.

We also sometimes hold partnership events with other organizations such as DG Lab and General AI Challenge.

Every two weeks, a speaker gives a talk on a topic related to consciousness, followed by discussions and debates over dinner and drinks.

Consciousness club Tokyo will be resumed soon. We will have an online talk by Natesh Ganesh on August 7th.

Youtube Channel: Consciousness Club Tokyo

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For more info, see Schedule in World Wide Neuro and checke “Consciousenss Club Tokyo” .


You can find our upcoming talk from World Wide Neuro, and type “Consciousness Club Tokyo”.

We started supporting groups of the global consciousness research community.

We are glad to affiliate with Consciousness Research Group, CoRN, DyConInstitute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, MCSMMCR and qualia-structure .

Find out more: Consciousness Club at DG Lab – connpass