Welcome to Consciousness Club

What are the neural and computational bases of consciousness?
What is the mathematical structure of our conscious perception?
Can machines ever become conscious?

These are some of the big questions discussed at Consciousness Club on Friday at 7~9 pm, typically at the office of Araya, Inc. (We are expecting a new office from this coming October.)

We also sometimes hold partnership events with other organizations such as DG Lab and General AI Challenge.

Each week a speaker gives a talk on a topic related to consciousness, followed by discussions and debates over dinner and drinks.

For more info, see Schedule.



We will restart Consciousness club on October 25th at a renewed venue. We are expecting to organize events every two weeks on Friday 7pm~. Stay tuned more info!


Professor Tim Baine will speak at Consciousness Club on April 20. Stay tuned for more info!

Constructing A Consciousness Meter
One of the central challenges facing the science of consciousness is that of identifying ways of measuring consciousness. Can we go beyond our pre-theoretical ways of detecting consciousness and develop measures that are independently validated? Some theorists think not, and argue that we are necessarily restricted to the pre-theoretical markers of consciousness with which we begin. Other theorists are more optimistic, and think that we will be able to develop independent measures of consciousness–in other words, “consciousness meters”. This talk critically examines one proposal for how to identify measures of consciousness—the natural kind approach—and asks whether it can be reconciled with various widely-held commitments in the philosophy of mind.


We are going to have a special Consciousness Club Day on October 6 completely dedicated to deeply understanding Friston’s free energy principle. We will start at 10am.

Find out more: 2016/10/6 Free Energy Day | Consciousness Club Tokyo


Consciousness Club is being organized in New York City on September 21, 2016!

Find out more: YCafé: Consciousness Club NYC, and follow CC NYC on Facebook.


Professor Takashi Ikegami will speak at Consciousness Club at DG Lab on Thursday, November 10. Stay tuned for more info!


Inspired by conversations at Consciousness Club, an all-day hackathon event was organized on Saturday, September 3, thanks to Progress Technologies, to share passion and exchange knowledge about the latest machine learning tricks towards conscious machines.

Find out more: Conscious Machine Hackathon – Code, Brainstorm, Innovate


Consciousness Club is pleased to establish a partnership with DG Lab to encourage extra disciplinary interactions beyond academia involving people in the public and industry to take in broader perspectives. We will host a joint event roughly once a month.
The first event will be held on Thursday, September 1.

Find out more: Consciousness Club at DG Lab – connpass