2016/10/6 Free Energy Day

We are going to have a special Consciousness Club Day on October 6 completely dedicated to deeply understanding Friston’s free energy principle. We will start at 10am.

We are going to spend the whole day to go over the details of the equations on the white board and discuss the technical details and derivation steps.

In the evening, we will discuss more conceptual issues that arose during the day. If you are interested in discussing theoretical implications of free energy to consciousness, machine learning and possible applications, you can only join the evening part (7pm-9pm).

The Free Energy Day will be held at the office of Progress Technologies where we had our Conscious Hackathon earlier this year. http://www.progresstech.jp/company/access.html

To participate in the full day event, it will be useful to try to read a few papers on free energy. But you are all welcome to just sit in and hear the discussion even if you are not completely familiar with the theory.

Feel free to invite anyone interested and willing to spend a whole day (or just the evening) on this. We welcome anyone even if you are not familiar, but we do get into technical details so you would benefit more if you have some preparation.

Pointers to some of the key topics